Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coupon Classes

Just got finished talking it over with hubby and I am going to start teaching Coupon classes!! WOO HOO I can't wait! It will be about 1 month before I get to start, but that is just so I can get some supplies that I know will be needed to teach it. We agreed on doing it every other Sat. And if anyone lives out of town/state and would like to learn, I can email all the info I will be going over and I would gladly mail them the supplies I hand out in my class!!! So if you want to know how to get this real cheap, or even FREE this would be a great thing for you to think about doing.
Think about it, hanging out with several of your friends for 2-3 hours @ your house, learning how to coupon, the tricks & secrets, playing games to win free stuff...how much fun will that be?!?! Will post more information at a later date, so stay tuned.......

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