Saturday, March 7, 2009

Delallo - Free Tote Bag

Sign up to be a member of the new and receive a free "Go Green - Eat Olives" tote bag.(there is no confirmation page, but they send an email)

FREE sample Crest Whitestrips

Get the no-slip, go-anywhere, do-anything Whitestrip. Free sample from Wal-Mart!

FREE Moblae fragrance
Receive a free sample of Moblae Fragrance.

FREE Warm Delights Minis
Receive a free sample of Warm Delights Minis!

FREE small fry & fountain drink

Free Small Fry & Small Fountain Drink Coupon

walgreens diaper & shampoo deal

Starting tomorrow at walgreens they are having a GREAT Huggies Diaper/Wipes deal!!
There are $5 coupons out for Huggies Gentle Care products on and @ They do not specify only for use on diapers so people are using them on the Gentle Care wipes.
Tomorrow at Walgreens they are $10 for a pack of Huggies Diapers and $6 for a huge package of wipes. Buy $25 get a $10 RR. So here is what you do:
buy 2 diapers and one large wipes for $20(2 diapers)+$6(1 wipes)= $26 -$10 (two $5 coupons)=$16-50cent (manu coupon for wipes)=$15.50 (and if you have the walgreens coloring book there are $1 walgreens coupons in there so another $2 off could =$13.50)-$1.50 for Cargivers Marketplace(if you havent signed up for it DO IT!! they send you checks for items you buy anyway!!)=$12.00 plus you will get the $10 RR so you end up with 2 bags diapers 1 package wipes for $2.00!! WOO HOO
There are also $3 coupons as well as the $5 at the same 2 links I gavef

also starting tomorrow the Garnier shampoo & conditioners will be $2.99 there is a $2 ESC and we have $1 manu coupons making them FREE!!! WOOHOO

Friday, March 6, 2009

Piggly Wiggly

Here are some deals for Piggly Wiggly:
Cottonelle bathroom Tissues 84 ct wet wipes, 3 boxes 200 ct Kleenex tissue, 6-Rolls Scott Bathroom Tissue, 2 Big Roll Viva, or 6-ct package Cottonelle Bathroom tissue $3.99
The coupons you can use: Cottonelle 4 pack+ Ultra or Aloe & E Toilet Paper .50 S 2/1 3/15/2009 Cottonelle any one 4 pack or larger Ultra or Aloe & E toilet paper .50 S 2/1 3/15/2009 Cottonelle Fresh or Kids Flushable Wipes, two 42ct tubs or refills OR .50 84ct Refill+ .50 S 1/11 2/22/2009 Cottonelle Fresh or Kids Wipes .50 S 2/1 3/15/2009

Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese 2/$4Kraft or Cracker Barrel Regular or 2% Milk Cheese product (any variety of chunk or shredded),
There is a tearpad out for $1/2 that expires on 3/31/2009

Eggo Pancakes or Waffles 2/$5Kelloggs Eggo Frozen Product
75cent coupon from RP 12/14 & 2/8/09

There really isnt much that I saw if I find more I'll post them, these deals are good until March 9th

some homeland deals for the week

BOGO SALE the prices are 50% already to make it easier for you
Mrs. Smith's Cream Pies $3.29
Asian Sensations $1.95
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers $1.35
Dole Classic Salad Mix .99cents
Hiland OJ $1.10
Lays Chips $1.99
Huggies Wipes 64-80ct. $1.85
Nature's Pride $1.99
Kelloggs Fruit Snacks .78cnts
Land O Frost Taste Escapes $1.50
Hiland Dips .96-40cent coupon doubled = .16cents
Betty Crocker Corn Muffin Mix .13
Del Monte Ketchup 24oz. .38
Quaker Instant Oatmeal 2.00x2 = $4 - $1/2 coupon doubled = $2/2
Luzianne Family Size Tea Bags 24ct. .57
Healthy Choice Soups .60
Hunts Tomatoes .38
Rice Roni & Pasta Roni .42
Regular DealsCarl Budding Deli Cuts $2.69-$1coupon doubled = .69
Del Monte Super Fruit Cups $1.89-$1coupon doubled= FREE with overage
Pillsbury Deal 4/$5Buy any 4 participating Pillsbury products swith your One Card and Save $1 instantly.Lots of coupons out for .25-.50 off 1 so when doubled, could be GREAT deal!!
Will post which coupons I used with the Pillsbury Deal and how it turned out when I get back....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

more walgreens deals

Buy any Vaseline lotion get a $2 RR. Small pink hand lotion tube is on clearance for $1.79 and free/profit with the RR.All Vaseline lotion is 25% off right now. The cheapest sale priced lotion is 10oz original for $2.61 - $1.25 c/o - $2 RR = free with possible profit.
Pepto Bismol kids watermelon 24ct. tablets $1.39 clearance price, remember that if its not marked clearanced have them check it anyway. Buy 2 get a $3 RR. Buy 3 or more get a $8 RR. making them free and up to $4 profit if buying 3 of them and if you find them on clearance.
Band Aid waterproof large bandages 10ct. $1.09 and the Antibiotic- $1 c/o = .09 plus there is a ESC coupon for $1 for the Anitbiotic ones, making them a profit of .91 cents!!
Remember YMMV. Good luck!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

VS Freebie

Join Victoria's Secret Pink Nation here:
and get a free gift and coupon.
The coupon will be available to print once you submit your application. You can take it to any Victoria's Secret store to claim your free gift until March 31, 2009. You must show valid ID and you DO NOT have to make a purchase to get your gift. Also, you will get a coupon good for $10 off any $35 PINK purchase.You have until March 10 to register to get these offers. The free gift is a tote valued at $19.50!

check it out

Okay....I have not tried it; but the word is that you can purchase the trial sized Dove deos prices vary but most are $.99 to $1.29, but you can use the coupon from one of the inserts a couple of weeks ago for $1.50/2 (states for any Dove deo) and get the $10RR. If this works you pay around $1.92 OOP and get a $10RR.

CVS 90%off finds

Curve fragrance collection for men $1.99;
Usher for women body lotion & spray $1.99;
Drakkar spray $1.99;
Curve for men spray $1.99;
Glam Girl Makeover kit-Nail Set $.49;
pink Essence Of Beauty robe $1.49;
Essence Of Beauty Travel Sets body lotion,mist & gel .$.49
Wet & Wild 10 pc nail kit for .49
Halston .99
Giorgio Red 1.29
JLO 3.49
Passion 1.29
Red Door 1.29
Tommy Boy 1.49
Tommy Girl 1.49
White Diamonds 1.29
Hello Kitty digital Cameras
Please remember that YMMV(Your Mileage May Vary and so will the prices that I have listed, those are just the prices from around me....) some of the CVS stores around me are only @ 50%, some are @ 75%, but there were a few that were 90% off!!! Good luck on your hunt to find these items, and post what you do find!!!

Redbox Codes for Free Movies

The Redbox code for today is...75EA16
Go and rent a movie today and spend time with your family...Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sutton and Dodge Meat at Target

Target has Sutton and Dodge London Broil on sale this week for 1.99 a lb. There is a 2.00 off Sutton and Dodge coupon on their website. Making this a really good deal on London Broil. Sometimes they even have some extra money off on the packages making it a even sweeter deal. Go check out your local Target Supercenter to see if they have any good deals. YMMV

I'm trying

I'm trying to get my computer fixed within the next couple weeks!! I'm so sorry that I havent been posting but what ever is wrong with my computer it wont let me on the blog, much less signing in. It seems I can get on for about 10-15 minutes every other day..... please bare with me until I get this problem fixed. Thanks so much for your patience and the giveaways will be ASAP, there will be 2 of them at the same time.
Thanks again for your understanding with this complicated computer problem!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

McDonalds Deal

MCDONALDS - NATIONWIDE 03/06 - 04/24 Every Friday = 49¢ Hamburgers, 59¢ Cheeseburgers.

Prices are + Tax, no limit on how many you can get.
Would be great for kids after school snacks for cheap lunch!!!!

Free Haircuts in Oklahoma City

Supercuts on 5801 N. May Ave. is giving free haircuts for their advanced teaching classes starting Wed. March 4. They will have them until Fri. March 6. It is a walk-in clinic so no appointment is needed. You need to park in the BestBuy parking lot and walk down the walkway. When you get into the studio go to the back and ask for Jen. Please don't ask in the front as that is a working studio. Hours are Wed. 2:30pm to 4:30pm,Thurs. 9:30am to 12pm 1:00pm to 4:30pm, Fri. 9:30am to 12pm 1:00 to 3pm. Nothing better than getting a free haircut. Please tell them that you heard about this on frugalqueen does it again!!!

HOT HOT ***Entertainment book**** HURRY

The pink banner on the left shows you would get 35% off the 2009 entertainment book well if you click on that pink banner you will get 50% OFF NOT 35%!! Hurry what are you waiting for??

my walgreens trip

1 tube colgate toothpaste $3.29
1 package walgreens dad's root beer cough drops $1.79
4 packages Sambucol $11.99 each
8 reach toothbrushes $1.59 each
1 Cold Stone Creamery choc/peanut butter cand $2.59
4 glade sense & spray $9.99 each
1 plastic golf playset $5.99
total before coupons $114.80 plus tax
subtotal after coupons $1.52 plus $9.17 tax=$10.69 total and I got a $3.50 RR for the colgate toothpaste and I saved $115.18

Great Book Deal

Great book deal for those that live in Brittian. Looks like someone lost their lease and have lots of books to get rid of. So if you are a avid reader this is the deal for you...go check it out!!

walgreens deals

buy 2 Glade Sense & Scent @ $9.99 use the BOGO coupon (I will post down at the bottom) it will take off 1 of the $9.99 so the 2 subtotal is $9.99 use 1 $4 mfr coupon for the first unit and the the second unit is covered by the BOGO so at this point you total for the 2 units is $5.99. Does that make sense? Then use the ES coupon and it will take off $4 for each unit so $8 total. You will end up with $2.01 overage. It should look like this:
$9.99x2=$19.98-$9.99BOGO=$9.99-$4 Manu=$5.99-$8 ESC= -$2.01 in which you can use for overage Can print coupon twice
and the $4 manu coupons came from the 2/8 SS (Smart Source)

Also there is a Sambucol cold and flu relief (@my store it is $12.99) There is a $10 ESC and a $4 coupon so you get overage on those also. It should look like this:
$12.99-$10 ESC=$2.99-$4 manu= -$2.01 in which you can use for other items link for the $4 manu coupon

You need to make sure you HAVE items to cover the overage!!

cvs great deals

Check yur CVS's for these great deals! You will have to scan the items as some stores may not be 90% off yet!! Good Luck

purfume gift sets are 90% off at CVS. Curve, White Diamonds, and Mediteranian. Those are scanning for 1.99 each.

White Diamonds (Elizabeth Taylor) - .5 fl.oz. UPC #7 16393 13031 5 reg. 12.99 now 1.29
Halston Z-14 1.0 fl.oz. UPC # 7 19346 0465 0 reg.12.99 now 1.29
Provocative woman (Elizabeth Arden) .33 fl.oz UPC # 0 85805 06048 0 reg 12.99 now 1.29
Tommy (Tommy Hilfiger) .5 fl.oz. UPC # 7 19346 04292 5 reg. 14.99 now 1.49
Passion (Elizabeth Taylor's) .5 fl.oz. UPC # 7 16393 12291 4 reg.12.99 now 1.29
Giorgio (Beverly Hills) .33 fl.oz. UPC # 7 16393 13182 4 reg 9.99 now 0.99

bathrobes for reg $14.99 now $1.49

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm back but don't know for how long

OK everyone, I am able to log onto my blog but I really don't know for how long!! My computer has a mind of its own and I havent been able to do anything since last Thursday...I mean anything! Not my blog, Twitter, checking my email, nothing!!! Anyway thanks Karen for posting for me about the problem hoping it will be fixed soon!
I went to Walgreens with $25 in hand and I ended up with 8 12 packs of Mt Dew, 4 bottles Dawn (forgot to give them THEIR 99 cent in ad coupon so I had to pay regular price... :-( , 4 tubes of Colgate toothpaste, the 1 with the RR, and 1 tube of Colgate advanced whitening. There is a $2.50 coupon for the Advanced whitening in the ESC (easy saver catalog) and I had a $1.50 manufactors coupon from an All You mag, the toothpaste was $3.?? so I got some overage. 1 hersheys candy bar and 1 Russell Stovers egg. I still have 1 $3.50 RR to use. The colgate that is free after the RR......well instead of getting a $3.29 RR (the price of the toothpaste) it is spitting out a $3.50 RR!!!!
I kept rolling the RR's. I would use the Colgate to buy the Mt. Dew (still had to ay some OOP but I put that on my walgreens GC) then I would get the Mt. Dew RR and use it for the Colgate!!
I can't wait to go and get more my hubby goes through Mt Dew like crazy..

Update with Amiee

I am on the phone with Amiee and she can't get on the blog for some odd reason. She has not been on since Thursday at 5:33pm She is working to get the issues resolved but please be patient with her. Sorry that there hasn't been hardly any new post but we will get this worked out. Thanks Karen

Big Smith Work Jacket

Big Smith® Work Jacket, Brown Duck - $23.46 SHIPPED!
New Deal, Better Prices $19.97 + $8.49 shipping - code SH382 for $5.00 off shipping = $23.46 shipped!This isn't a Jacket for you cushy corner office types. Big Smith® made its 100% cotton duck Work Jacket for people who, well, work for a living.Nothing against those corporate honchos, but blue collar types like yourself wouldn't make it a minute on the worksite in khakis and loafers. You need gear for hard work in hard conditions. You need Big Smith. * 100% polyester insulation* 100% polyester quilted lining* Laydown point collar* Full-zip front* Articulated elbows* Triple needle stitching on critical seams for durability* 2 front hand patch pockets with rivets* Zip close chest pocket* Utility pocket on left sleeve* 3 inside pockets, 2 with hook-and-loop closure* Rib knit cuffs and waist lock out cold. Machine wash / dry. "