Tuesday, February 24, 2009

great sites to join

If you haven't heard about these sites or joined them yet I highly recommend you do!
The first one is www.bzzagent.com
I just got another invite and this one is for the new Glade® Sense & Spray!! 3 Days ago I got an invite for Max Factors and about a week to 2 weeks ago I received my Chili's Guiltless coupons for 4 free dinners off their Guiltless menu...cant wait to try out that food!!! :-)
The second one is www.houseparty.com
You "apply" for a house party (they have soo many) and if you are picked they send you all the products to have an awesome party at your house. There have been some for Hershey's Bliss, Land O Lakes etc....
What are you waiting for go join now!

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