Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm back but don't know for how long

OK everyone, I am able to log onto my blog but I really don't know for how long!! My computer has a mind of its own and I havent been able to do anything since last Thursday...I mean anything! Not my blog, Twitter, checking my email, nothing!!! Anyway thanks Karen for posting for me about the problem hoping it will be fixed soon!
I went to Walgreens with $25 in hand and I ended up with 8 12 packs of Mt Dew, 4 bottles Dawn (forgot to give them THEIR 99 cent in ad coupon so I had to pay regular price... :-( , 4 tubes of Colgate toothpaste, the 1 with the RR, and 1 tube of Colgate advanced whitening. There is a $2.50 coupon for the Advanced whitening in the ESC (easy saver catalog) and I had a $1.50 manufactors coupon from an All You mag, the toothpaste was $3.?? so I got some overage. 1 hersheys candy bar and 1 Russell Stovers egg. I still have 1 $3.50 RR to use. The colgate that is free after the RR......well instead of getting a $3.29 RR (the price of the toothpaste) it is spitting out a $3.50 RR!!!!
I kept rolling the RR's. I would use the Colgate to buy the Mt. Dew (still had to ay some OOP but I put that on my walgreens GC) then I would get the Mt. Dew RR and use it for the Colgate!!
I can't wait to go and get more my hubby goes through Mt Dew like crazy..

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