Saturday, March 7, 2009

walgreens diaper & shampoo deal

Starting tomorrow at walgreens they are having a GREAT Huggies Diaper/Wipes deal!!
There are $5 coupons out for Huggies Gentle Care products on and @ They do not specify only for use on diapers so people are using them on the Gentle Care wipes.
Tomorrow at Walgreens they are $10 for a pack of Huggies Diapers and $6 for a huge package of wipes. Buy $25 get a $10 RR. So here is what you do:
buy 2 diapers and one large wipes for $20(2 diapers)+$6(1 wipes)= $26 -$10 (two $5 coupons)=$16-50cent (manu coupon for wipes)=$15.50 (and if you have the walgreens coloring book there are $1 walgreens coupons in there so another $2 off could =$13.50)-$1.50 for Cargivers Marketplace(if you havent signed up for it DO IT!! they send you checks for items you buy anyway!!)=$12.00 plus you will get the $10 RR so you end up with 2 bags diapers 1 package wipes for $2.00!! WOO HOO
There are also $3 coupons as well as the $5 at the same 2 links I gavef

also starting tomorrow the Garnier shampoo & conditioners will be $2.99 there is a $2 ESC and we have $1 manu coupons making them FREE!!! WOOHOO

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