Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I hit the Jackpot @ Target today!!!

OK I went to Target this morning and this is what I got:
84 Tubes of Toothpaste (Crest and Colgate)
7 Bottles Vitamin Water
23 packages Target brand fruit snacks (3.8 oz which is 19 pieces per serving and 3 servings per bag so approx 57 fruit snacks per bag)
2 Gillette Fusion Razors (was a bonus package had shaving cream attached!!! WOO HOO)
2 cans Gillette Shaving Gel
I paid $27.43 including tax AND I got 2 $5 Target Gift Cards!!!!!!
My total BEFORE coupons was $96.14
That was with the toothpaste being on clearance, and the razors being on sale... the regular price of the toothpaste was $3.99(they were 3 to a package so I got 28 packs 3x28=84) and the regular price of the razors was $9.99 in which my total would have been $176.60!!!!
$149.17 is what I saved from the regular prices, see it DOES pay to use coupons in conjunction with sales & clearances!!!!
I am going to do a video and post hopefully tomorrow...I already gave away 1 bottle water to my mom and 13 bags of fruit snacks to my cousin so those will be missing but everything else is here.

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