Sunday, April 5, 2009

My birthday day was spent....

OK sorry I didn't post any deals yesterday, I was SOOOOO busy!!! First it was my Birthday so how did I spend my time?? Well I left my hose @ 9:30 AM with my son (4) and went to my inlaws house, then went to pick up a friend of my sons. Took both boys to Michaels (a craft store) for them to do FREE crafts!! After that we grabbed some lunch and took it back to Rylin's house (friend of my sons) and had lunch, then time to go off to Ready for Kindergarten for us. After that was over we went back to Rylin's house where my son stayed while I went back to inlaws dropped some things off, and went to my MIL's work to take her lunch....(where is the time going on my B-Day??) by this time it is around 4:30 PM and I am on my way back to get my son....right he threw a HUGE fit because he wanted to stay and play so we hung out for a while then Misty & Bobby (Rylin's parents) offered to keep Brayden (my son) while I went to do something for myself...really time for me?? LOL so off I went a few hours by myself (no hubby, or any of the 3 kids) around 10:15 PM I called my hubby and met up with him @ a friends house hung there for a few, went and grabbed a bite to eat for us went back home ate a very late dinner (11:30 PM) and went to bed!!!! Happy Birthday to me.....busy busy busy
So what did you do yesterday????

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