Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of my homeland shopping trips

Here is one of my shopping trips to Homeland, I always hear that you can only get/buy "junk" with coupons...well that is NOT true!! Here is one of my trips to homeland, I did this one yesterday:

1 Peterpan peanut butter ($1 coupon doubled=$2 savings)

1 Wishbone spritzer ($1 coupon doubled=$2 savings)

1 Taco Bell Chicken Bowlz ($1 coupon doubled=$2 savings)

1 15 1/2 oz bag Tostitos ($3 coupon on your fav chips when you buy 1 Wholly salsa=$3 savings)

1 Wholly Pico Style Quac ($1 coupon doubled=$2 savings)

2 Wholly Salsa (BOGO coupon and $1 coupon doubled=$4.50 savings)

1 Bertolli Tom and Basil Spag Sauce ($1 coupon doubled=$2 savings)

1 Colgate Toothpaste ($1 coupon doubled=$2 savings)

1 Colgate Toothbrush (BOGO bonus pack) ($1 coupon doubled =$2 savings)

1 Capri Sun Sunrise breakfast drinks ($1 coupon doubled=$2 savings)

total was $4.80 including the tax (tax was $1.65)

saved $33.59 which was 91% off!!!
I got a total of 11 items, so each actually only cost me 46CENTS each!!!!! WOO HOO I'm excited....all the coupons I used came from the coupon inserts from the Sunday newspaper!


  1. Now that is fantastic! My personal best was 84 percent off. I bow! :-)

  2. That's really awesome Amiee!! Ohhh I *LOVE* Tostitos & Salsa....addicted I tell you. LOL