Saturday, February 21, 2009

long long long day

OK I have been up since 3 this morning, went and stood in the windy cold air to get my hubby an ITouch. The store went to is a great store but they only had 3 of them so the first 3 people to get there got 1...they didn't open until 9am this morning!! And yes I was one of the first people there, actually I was the first person!! I got his ITouch for$135!! After I was done there I went to a CPA appointment (taxes, ugh!!!) And then I met up with my hubby and son at a motorcycle (mostly Harley Davidson) show walked around there for almost 2 hours (by this time it is 2:45 pm this afternoon) left the motorcycle show, came home with my son and cleaned house, read him books, and played, then off to the grocery store...ugh didn't want to go but needed to. Came home and made Manicotti for dinner with spinach, corn, and homemade cheese bread. Hubby and I started watching the UFC fight, hubby made a banana shake while I am writing his, now at 9:05 pm 18 hours after my day started I have a headache and I'm going to bed.
I am sorry that I haven't posted any deals for you today, will try and make up for that tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by, reading my blog, have a great night and stop by tomorrow to see what's going on in my crazy crazy life!!

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