Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Homeland shopping trip today

Went to Homeland today and here is what I got:
1 Bertolli Portabello Mushroom sauce $2.50-$1Q doubled=50cents

1 Taco Bello Salsa Chkn Bowlz $2.00-$1Qdoubled=FREE

1 15 1/2 oz Tostitos Salsa $2.99-$1Q doubled=50cents

1 bag Tostitos chips $2.50-$3 coupon (took off $3 not just $2.50!!)= FREE

1 colgate ToothPaste $1.66-$1Q doubled= FREE with overage

1 colgate ToothBrush $1.66-$1Q doubled= FREE with overage

1 Wishbone Spritzer $1.66-1Q doubled= FREE with overage

2 Wholly Salsa $2.50x2=$5 - 1BOGO coupon and $1 doubled = 50cents for both

2 32 oz powerade 95centsX2=$1.90- 75/2Q doubled = 40cents/21

CapriSun Sunrise $2.69-$1Q doubled = 69cents

5 boxes Purina Kitten Chow $2.15x5=$10.75- $10.75 (5 free coupons from this sundays paper)=FREE (1/2 are going to my mom and the other half are going to an Animal Shelter!!)

1 bag Funyuns (ones by register) $1.29 (DS needed a snack)=$1.29 (no

1 Sport Foam Dart $1 (DS was awesome so he got a special treat)

total INCLUDING TAX 5.27Saved $44.32 which is 93% OFF!!WOO HOO loved Homeland today
and will be making several more trips through next Tuesday!!

There is also a $1/1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter coupon in the May All You and it is $2.15 at Homeland so after the coupon doubles it will be 15cents!!

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