Friday, May 1, 2009

My mom

Some of you already know that my mom is having surgery TODAY! She found out a couple weeks ago that she has 3 Tumors on her left breast. One is on the under side of her breast and tht one is almost 3 INCHES LONG!!!
Please please join me in praying for her today, that everything goes well, pray that the drs hae steady hands and are able to get all of them. We won't know for a few days the results, the dr told her that she can't g back to work until he gets the results (3-5 days) so we should know something next week....
I will keep you informed with any news, and thanks for reading and joining me in praying for my mom cause she is so AWESOME!!!

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  1. Hi Amiee, I will remember your Mom in my Prayers this evening!!